Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SPECIAL AUCTION!! Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor and The Valeyard SIGNED PRINT!!

If you missed out on the last print auction, here's another opportunity to bid on a ONE OF A KIND print!!

You are bidding on a color print featuring the Seventh Doctor and the Valeyard. Although the Seventh Doctor never officially faced his evil future on television, this particular image was inspired by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker's novel MATRIX originally published by BBC Books. This story would have taken place after the television episode SURVIVAL.

I had decided to give the Seventh Doctor a new look inspired heavily by the way Lee Sullivan illustrated him in the BBCi webcast DEATH COMES TO TIME.

Although the stiff collar, spats and question mark on his lapel were my invention. The choice of dark reds for the Valeyard was to have him lurking in the shadows. Which he did for most of Perry and Tucker's novel. If you have not read it, I high recommend you try and find a copy!!

The print itself will measure 11x17 and will be printed on high quality glossy cardstock. What makes both the auction and this particular print unique is once it's sold I WILL NOT BE MAKING another copy of it. There will be only one copy of this print made. Once the winning bid has been made, ONE COPY of the print will be made SIGNED PERSONALLY to the winning bidder and dated.

After that, the original digital file of the image will be deleted. Making this color print ONE OF A KIND in every way!! The winning bidder of this auction will own the only copy of this print.

Suitable for framing and the ideal gift for any fan of Doctor Who, the Seventh Doctor and the Valeyard.

Click on the link below and Happy Bidding:

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